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Paul McLoughlin

Paul McLoughlin

As a senior manager at marquee organizations in distinctly different business sectors, I was able to reform and reinvent from within. As an advisor on institutional management, I work to balance institutional processes with the innovative mindset of an entrepreneur.

Many of the jobs or roles I’ve assumed were created by me — either because I did not want to do what others had done before me or because I was not interested in any one thing to the exclusion of other options, or because I saw things that others didn’t. People are far more interesting than technology, but perhaps it is their nexus — the interplay between technology and people — that intrigues me most.

Paul McLoughlin by the book:

  • Irish-Catholic from Brooklyn, NY
  • Jesuit-educated, high school and college
  • English major from Georgetown, class of ’68
  • Engineer officer, US Army, Corps of Engineers
  • Decorated Vietnam veteran
  • Columbia MBA with a concentration in public health
  • Administrative dean, Columbia University medical school, College of
    Physicians & Surgeons at the Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center
  • Vice-provost of medical affairs, Cornell University, Cornell Medical College
    (now Weil Medical College) at The New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center
  • Management vice president, investment banking, Salomon Brothers Inc., ’86-’95
  • Consulted to the bubble economy for 5 years: international telephony and .com
  • The McLoughlin Company, since 2000, retained advisor on institutional management for private equity firms, their portfolio companies, other entities, not-for-profit organizations of varying sizes, complexity, and industries served
  • Host of The Krow Show, weekly Internet radio program from October 2004 to July 2008 on,
  • Host of McLoughlin•At•Work, a syndicated Internet program on Weekly episodes focus of issues, people and programs in the workplace through interviews with authors and business experts.
  • Global sailor and ocean racer
  • Trustee of The Professional Children's School, a private school in NY, grades
    7 thru 12, dedicated to educating young people in the arts
  • Lives on the Upper West Side of Manhattan with wonderful wife. Two children have departed for college and a career as a professional ballet dancer, respectively.