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The McLoughlin Company is a retained advisor on institutional management: senior personnel issues, executive marketing and communications, and supporting technology.

We provide a level of expertise and a depth of experience in institutional management that few firms can afford full-time. We address those areas that cannot receive focused attention in your organization. We are highly confident that we can make you better.

Those issues may include succession planning, executive search for replacement, coaching, Web-site intelligence, introductions, personnel reviews, board presentations, marketing plans, annual meetings, investor relations, strategic thought, and high-level communications.

Listen•InŽ grew out of McLoughlin•At•Work, a syndicated Internet radio program owned, hosted, and produced by Paul McLoughlin. Listen•In is an innovative custom audio program that humanizes executive communication by introducing controlled content in the voice of senior management onto the company Web site.

An ongoing relationship with The McLoughlin Company allows you to size solutions before things become corrosive. If the issue is newly emergent, we can engage quickly. Undoubtedly, we have seen it before. What is an uncommon occurrence in your organization is often our common ground.